Greetings from W9FAM!

As Amateur radio operators we know that our hobby is like no other. We have the ability to bridge cultures, both nationally and internationally. Amateur radio offers opportunities for public service, technological advancement. and just plain camaraderie.

Through the magic of amateur radio, there is always an element of mystery when an amateur radio operator sends out a general CQ call. Who will answer and what foreign country will be their home? What mutual interests do we share? Through amateur radio…friendships are expanded worldwide.

Amateur radio, by and large, is conducted, QSO after QSO, on a high level of mutual respect. This makes many things possible and greatly enhances the benefits of being an Amateur radio operator.

Amateur radio operators are a very privileged group. We have the ability and the vehicle not only to broaden our minds and enrich our experiences … but through amateur radio we value our differences and in the process … spread international goodwill!